Overview and History

Infoplace USA is the largest and only exclusive national shopping center guest service provider in the United States.  No other company in the guest services field has as much experience, depth of organization, resources, and knowledge as Infoplace USA. We successfully operate guest service centers in all types of environments and with a diverse group of clients.

Infoplace USA’s philosophy has always been customer focused in its development, building each guest service program to meet the unique needs of each center.  By avoiding the cookie cutter approach, we have been successful in operating in a broad range of centers and providing a diverse group of services.

Having been a part of the shopping center guest services industry for over a quarter of a century, we know shopping centers and we know the guest service business. Our sole focus as a company is to provide regional and super regional shopping centers with guest service programs that match each shopping center’s unique needs.  Infoplace USA does not simply offer a cookie cutter program, but rather tailors each program to meet the specific needs of a particular shopping center.

In addition to providing guest service programs at large regional shopping centers, Infoplace USA has been called on to provide a wide range of additional services, that range from foreign currency exchange to carousel and train operations. In short, no matter the task, we have proven we can meet the needs of our clients and, in many cases, on short notice.  In our industry, this flexibility and depth of experience is unique to Infoplace USA.

With a training program unmatched in the industry and designed to offer ongoing training opportunities for all employees, Infoplace USA is the leader in training and support materials for guest service programs for the shopping center industry. In fact, so well received is our guest service training, Infoplace USA has been requested to train other contractors at some of our shopping centers.

We believe the key to our success has been built from the ground up with excellent people, thorough training, and strong support. An organization is only as good as its people, and our dedicated, committed-to-quality teams are what set us apart from all others.

Guest services is not an afterthought or just another division in our business, but the sole focus of our business. No one can match our proven record of success over the last 30 years.

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