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What Infoplace USA can offer
First and foremost, we offer the direct management of all aspects of Customer Service Programs.
  • Assist with Marketing initiatives
  • Maintain employment standards
  • Manage alternate income streams i.e. lottery, transit passes
  • Manage Gift Card programs
  • Provide superior and in-depth Customer Service Training need for additional stress!
Let our experience, knowledge and expertise lessen the burden on your already busy schedule!

  Infoplace USA

Infoplace USA was founded in 1985, in San Diego, California and since its inception has been providing Shopping Center Customer Service Programs throughout the United States.

Infoplace USA is the largest and only national Shopping Center Customer Service provider in the United States, and in conjunction with its sister company based in Toronto, Canada, the companies operate more than 500 locations in the United States, Canada and England.

Having been a part of the shopping center industry for over a quarter of a century worldwide, and in the United States for over twenty three years, we know shopping centers and we know the customer service business.

Our sole focus as a company has been providing regional and super regional shopping centers with customer service programs that match a shopping center's needs.  In short, customer service is not an afterthought in our business but the focus of our business.

Our Mission

Infoplace USA's success is based on providing the public with high quality Customer Service.

An organization is only as good as its people.  Our dedicated, committed-to-quality teams are what set us apart from all others.

Having worked so hard to develop our reputation for Quality Customer Service, we are proud to be part of something special.  It is only by continuing to follow through on a day-to-day, Customer-to-Customer basis and providing the very best in service that allows us to continue to succeed.

We measure our successes at Infoplace USA by our commitment to and fulfillment of the company standards in dealing with our key customers.


Our Company Profile

  Infoplace USA current clients include: General Growth Properties; The Taubman Centers; Inc.; Forest City Enterprises, Inc.; C.B. Richard Ellis Inc.; and Jones Lang LaSalle.  

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